Attendance Policy

This industry-exclusive policy ensures maximum attendee relevance.

Qualifying attendees at the door saves exhibitors the time and effort it takes to do so after the show is over. That means our exhibitors don’t spend valuable follow up time sorting through heaps of business cards, separating trick-or-treaters from buyers. They can sort potential customers by industry segment, get through the qualifying process more quickly, shorten closing times and increase the number of lead conversions from trade shows.

Our focus is on producing solid sales leads for our exhibitors and sponsors, not filling the venue with unqualified individuals in order to boast attendance numbers. We believe that any number of solid sales leads from relevant contacts gained at a trade show, whether they were culled from a fish bowl of one hundred business cards or fifty, is the true measure of trade show success.

Each attendee must be currently employed in the Event Focused industry and must present proof of current employment before being granted admission (eg. business card, recent pay stub, current company ID).

Our Policies

The shows in ExpoDFW’s Event Series are open exclusively to members of the event focus industry. This industry-specific policy ensures maximum attendee relevance. Our goal is to save you valuable time so you don’t waste it sorting through heaps of business cards from people who do not represent buyers.

• We qualify attendees at the door to save you time and effort.
• Get through the qualifying process quickly and efficiently.
• Shorten your closing times.
• Increase the number of lead conversions from the show.
• Produce solid sales leads.

We promise to protect your investment. The shows in ExpoDFW’s Event Series are not for everyone. There are many companies that support the industry but serve no purpose within our expo. We screen all attendees to maximize your time, because it’s precious and you paid a lot of money to get here and display your products and services!

WE PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT: You paid the money, so you get the exposure!
• All attendees are screened.
• They must be employed in the industry.
• They show proof of current employment (i.e. Paystub, business card, company ID).
• They must have business within the expo.

So, remember: when inviting guests to any show in the Event Series remember that the following individuals are not allowed to attend:

• Hospitality providers
• Staffing agencies
• Memorabilia providers
• Promotional and custom gift marketers
• Misc service providers
• On-Site caterers
• Limousine drivers
• Real Estate agents/Relocation Specialists
• Insurance providers
• Financial service providers
• Chambers of Commerce ( Unless Partnered)
• City Employees (unless invited by show management)
• Radio stations, TV stations, magazine publishers, etc
o Members of the press are welcome to attend to cover the event, but must apply for a press pass at registration
• Webmasters of industry-related marketing/classifieds/discussion sites ( Unless the organization is an official media partner.)
• Students majoring in unrelated programs, but not currently employed in the industry

If a guest does not meet the criteria listed above, but you believe they are relevant to your business, contact us before the show to arrange efficient and courteous check-in at registration for those guests.

Additional Admission Rules:
1. Must be 18 years of age.
2. Must provide proof of employment within the industry.
3. Zero tolerance for “trick-or-treating,” “brief casing” and other unprofessional, disruptive behaviors at any time. “Trick-or-treating”, “brief casing”, and other unprofessional, disruptive behaviors will not be tolerated at any time. Trick-or-treating is the practice of walking the show floor and filling your bags with free giveaways from booths, even from companies you don’t have any interest in doing business with. Brief casing is the practice of an attendee handing out flyers, brochures, or other marketing materials on the show floor. Exhibitors and sponsors pay for the opportunity to market their products and services at the Expo; attendees are not permitted to distribute marketing materials under any circumstances.
4. Dress Code:
a. Business Casual: khaki pants, slacks, polo shirts (short and long sleeve)
b. No tennis shoes, tight or short skirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts or inappropriate clothing.

*By registering to attend or purchase a ticket to the Event, you agree to receive email updates from ExpoDFW.

*All decisions regarding admission are at management’s
discretion and can be revoked at any time for any reason without recourse.


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